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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Secret

I think that most baby guides and articles and websites are made for those parents who need answers. "My baby won't stop crying, what should I do??" or "What is that weird thing on her eye?" Those usually sleep-deprived, weary, desperate people need advice and they need it now... And thus there is a wealth of information just a Google away! It's sometimes conflicting, but it's comforting. It's an "okay, well, at least we're normal" kind of thing. And even though the answers sometimes don't actually help you DO anything about it, it's good to know you're not alone.

However, there is a secret... There are babies out there who don't need anything, and their parents don't spend every available moment Googling or calling the pediatrician. So there's a secret group of us who are afraid to say anything at all, lest we seem like we're bragging!

James is one of those "good" babies. The whole few weeks (!) of night feedings went by like a breeze. He let me know when he wanted to eat at 2 a.m.:

JAMES: zzz.....Eh....
ME: zzzz
ME: Okay, I'm up.

And I would feed him and we'd go back to sleep. We didn't even wake Craig most of the time. (Except when James got the hiccups -- exceptionally loud, but cute, hiccups.) Compare this to newborn Claire:

ME: Augh! I'm awake! I'm awake! Stop screaming!

I was afraid to go to sleep most nights with Claire because I knew I'd be awakened in a couple of hours by the screaming.

What we didn't know is that spontaneous, endless screaming isn't exactly normal, but "colicky." And that she would eventually develop reflux, which would make it worse. But somehow all the internet research convinced me that this is what some babies do, and we'd make it through it. And we did. But it was HARD.

James is EASY. He can be asleep on my shoulder in the living room with Claire having a full-on, meltdown, DEFCON 1 tantrum in the same room. Now at almost 3 months, I'm finding it a little harder to get him to sleep as easily, but it's still not a major challenge. I can lay him sideways on my arm, give him a paci, and he'll be out in a few minutes with a little bouncing. Conversely, how many HOURS did I spend rocking Claire to sleep in the rocking chair? Weeks worth.

He's not very interested in the paci either. He much prefers his hands. From the moment he came out he had them in his mouth, so they must have been his special friends on the inside. I didn't have the heart to even try swaddling him up with them in there, but fortunately he didn't really need it. He doesn't startle himself awake all the time the way Claire did either.

But lest we think I'm all down on Claire right now, she's becoming an amazing little person too. Her vocabulary is awesome, she remembers EVERYTHING you tell her -- or that she hears, sometimes to our detriment. She's strong and healthy, and growing like a weed still. And I love her to death. But this post isn't about Claire...

It's about how good my baby James is, and how much fun I'm having watching him grow. I spent all of September with him as my constant companion because Craig was working all the time. And he's exclusively breastfed (who knew I could do that?!) so he's literally attached to me constantly. And now Craig and Claire are sick, so we're avoiding them. And he's just my little buddy! He always has a smile for mommy! Especially when it's time to change his diaper; he loves that.

So the next post will be about Claire, but I wanted to get some love for James down here before I forget these things. He's cute and special and just perfect, and he's all mine. I couldn't be happier with him!

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  1. This is wonderful. I threw a 'baby shower' for my boss on Sunday- I've referred her to this blog so many times and I don't see that changing any time soon. x


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