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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fifteen and Four

With all the emphasis on Baby Girl's nursery and the furniture and supplies with which we need to fill it, there's been very little time to concentrate on names. After making a few fairly uneventful passes through the immodestly titled Greatest Baby Name Book Ever, Kathy and I decided that we would each come up with our own list of names, and then bring them both to the table for discussion/negotiation/dismissal and hopefully, the eventual acceptance of one.

I finally completed my journey through the land of Every Potential Baby Name early this morning, which left me with a total of fifteen potential first names and only four potential middle names (somehow, I find those easier to weed out).

As we've said in the past, we're not going to reveal any candidates, or our eventual choice, until after the baby is born. However, I will give you the alphabetical breakdown of my choices and then open the floor to speculation. Since I've already made my choices, this will not influence me in any way, but it might be fun to see what people guess.

Of the potential first names, there are:

1 that starts with the letter A
2 that start with the letter B
2 that start with the letter C
1 that starts with the letter D
4 that start with the letter E
1 that starts with the letter J
1 that starts with the letter O
1 that starts with the letter P
1 that starts with the letter T
and 1 that starts with the letter V

Of the potential middle names, there are:

1 that starts with the letter E
1 that starts with the letter G
1 that starts with the letter M
and 1 that starts with the letter R

So that's where I personally am at on the name front! I'll have plenty more stuff to write about soon, but for now, back to work!


  1. Abagail? Anne? Adelaide? Adira? Adrianne? Aubrey? Audrey? Antoinette? Alexandra? Alyssa? Amelie? Amber? Andrea?

    I was only guessing As because that line of text was a different color, so CLEARLY it's an A name.

  2. I think I've made my feelings on this clear- a C name would give your daughter superhero initials!

  3. let the imagination go to work!!! Name's are hard, theres a lot to think about!

  4. Amy will be her name and her name will be Amy. I have spoken.

    That being said, don't pick a name that is too easily made fun of. Kids can be pretty cruel when they get older.

  5. hey, no fair teasing us. give us the NAMES!

    how about harley quinn? ha ha


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