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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ultrasound pics -- 22 weeks

I've been meaning to post those ultrasound pics from the last visit, and I've just been too busy! (read: lazy and/or tired, more likely.) So these pictures are from 22 weeks, but I'm 23 now. (And sorry about the cop-out on the fruit analogy to the right. After week 22, they start bunching them together a few weeks at a time. The explosive growth slows down some now until the end...)

The ultrasound last Monday went well, and we had the same tech as last time, so she remembered we didn't get those face pics we wanted! The munchkin started out pretty uncooperative (although this time I drank some juice before we went, so she was rolling around in there) but later she started giving us some better photo ops. The tech tried really hard to get us some good shots (including switching on the 4D for us, whee!) and we got to see some cool stuff!

(All these pics you can click on to enlarge, by the way.)

First, we are DEFINITELY having a girl!

(We hope that's the last time she shows off the goods to anyone like that until she's oh, about 40 years old!)

She decided to wave "hi!"

If you tilt your head to the left for this next one, you can see a little alien baby skull! (Baby Girl is actually using the placenta as a pillow...)

Here's a sweet little profile:

And here's one that takes a little imagination, but I think it's neat that they can get all this on film:

Then the tech kept trying to get us some good face pictures. She switched on the 4D but Baby Girl was rolling around and putting her hands in front of her face, and then we saw that it was because she was just trying to get her arm into her mouth! (OM NOM NOM):

So everything is fine! They said she weighs about a pound and a half, and is measuring about a week ahead! I was worried about my weight because I myself had gained about 6 or 7 lbs. since the last visit, and I thought, "That can't be right!" But the doctor said I was spot on and doing great, and keep up the good work!!!

The next appointment is on March 23rd, and I have to go in for a glucose tolerance test. But the nice thing about the test this time is that I get to eat (a high protein) breakfast first! I guess they don't want to upset the tummies of a pregnant woman too much with that sugary crap first thing in the morning on an empty stomach! I'll have to get up super-early, but...breakfast!


  1. Adorable!

    Can't wait til she has a name! For now, she's an adorable little fruit loop.

  2. For the record: you should destroy those ultrasounds when baby Kraly-Colin is born. I can't imagine anything more mortifying than being a kid and seeing mom and dad showing off a clinical picture of me, naked, with an arrow pointing at the 'gina, in that condescending font.

    And if she's NOT mortified, than you'll be mortified that at such a young age you'll already be considering buying her first pair of clear, plastic stripper heels.

    Just a thought for the day :)


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