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Monday, October 5, 2009

Three is a Magic Number

So Claire turned three months old on Saturday. Somehow, we've already made it through the first quarter of the first year of her life without breaking her. We've fallen into a pretty stable routine by this point which Claire only occasionally manages to completely destroy.

Latest developments:

- Her face is starting to evolve into what I imagine she will look like as a toddler. She is gonna be cute.

- She has discovered that those two things on the ends of her arms, in addition to being great chew toys, can also be used to grab various objects and move them into her mouth (to be used as great chew toys).

- She is "talking" up a storm. She has periods of up to an hour where she will just babble on and on in an excited manner. We have no idea what she's saying.

- My prediction is that her first words will be "I love you". She is trying so hard to say that now.

- She is getting HUGE. We bought her a bunch of sleepers less than a month ago that she has already outgrown. When you stand her up, she looks bigger than many 1 year olds I have seen.

- She is regularly laughing and smiling when she sees her parents. This especially pleases her father, who is very insecure and needs constant validation.

- Desmond continues to be interested in her, but she continues to ignore him.

- She enjoys looking at picture books, but her tolerance is short.

- Her two favorite games to play with Daddy are the "push" game, where she lays on her back in Daddy's lap and pushes him away from her with her little legs while laughing maniacally, and "zombie baby" where Daddy holds her standing up in his lap and leans her in so she can "bite" his head or neck while Dad says "Nooooo! Save me from the zombie baby!" and Claire laughs maniacally.

There are TONS more, but the bottom line is that Claire is now fully interactive, which seems more rewarding than when she was input only (well, she always output into her diaper, but now there's other stuff coming out of her too! and not just drool and spit up).

Tune in next month (if anyone's still reading this). Who knows what she'll do next!

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