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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

So you may all recall my nursery design, lovingly hand-painted by a certain crazy 8-months-pregnant lady:

We got a comment last night on the blog post that highlighted the nursery completion from two random internet people named Bill & Claudia:
Hi, We came across your design, and thought it was amazing!

I hope you dont mind, we liked it so much, we copied it for our nursery. We dont take credit for the creativity, but it did take a lot of work.

We love the way it turned out. your color scheme was beautiful for a girl. We are having a boy.

you can see our room here

and also a time lapsed video of the room coming together here

Furniture is arriving next week.
Anyway, thanks for the design idea. you're very creative!

Bill & Claudia

I am sincerely flattered!!! (And, holy cow, maybe I really could do this for a living!)


  1. I might start following them- they have time-lapse!


  2. Hi, Its random internet guy again :)

    Furniture still hasnt arrived yet. It has been shipped by the manufacturer, but hasnt arrived to the store yet.

    Cant wait to see it all in place.

    Just reading your whole process again and comparing the similarities.

    We also had plotted out the exact room dimensions in autocad, and from there, plotted the circles with exact radius, and distance from edges.

    I cant believe Kathy free handed the whole thing. as you can see from ours, i masked every circle...multiple times, after coats of paint and different sections. i even masked the border.

    just curious how you drew the circles at the corners that continue onto the next wall. because the string and pencil doesnt work for those. I actually cut out the circle on thick paper, and used it to trace over onto the other wall. We had a few circles that continued onto the side.

    Glad to see the baby and family are doing well. We are due in december.

    talk to you soon

  3. Hello! Finally the furniture has arrived. We went with a set by Natart called the Robin. We found a crib set that matched the paint color pretty well.

    Anyway, the room is all set, just awaiting the arrival of the baby!


    Some pictures are here, and 360 degree view of the room

  4. Bill, the room is wonderful! I love the crib!

    By the way, we did the same thing you did: cut out a big circle template and folded it over the wall to make the corner circles come out right. :)

    I did the borders with a flat 1" artist's brush, and a very steady hand. The edge of the brush makes a very straight line if you do it right.

    Your baby should be here soon, but the last week or two is going to feel like an eternity! I hope the baby likes his room. :)


    ps... Your photos are amazing!!! Are you a professional photographer? Your kid is going to have the BEST baby pictures!


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