The factory is silent. Its assembly line stands motionless. Somewhere off in the darkness, a buzzer sounds. One by one, lights begin to flicker and illuminate on long-unmanned diagnostic panels, giving a sense of enormity and complexity and scale to the machinery. The low hum of power supplies warming up comes next, followed by the higher and louder whine of turbines and electric motors. A whistle sounds, and one by one, employees begin to file in and take their places at the controls. Purposed for a single task, whose time has now come, the factory slowly comes to life...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Four Months (two weeks ago)

So I'm about half a month late with the four month update, but it's only because so much has been going on.

First, let's get the numbers out of the way:

WT: 18lbs 13oz (99th percentile)
HT: 25.75in (95th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17in (94th percentile)

So, she's still a giant baby.

Other noteworthy things she has been doing (if you watch the videos below, clicking on the "high quality" link at the top right of the video makes them a lot clearer!):

- She has ben rolling from back to front on her own for the past several weeks.

- She started trying solid foods last week with a fair amount of success. Sweet potatoes are her favorite so far.

- She's trying very, very hard to crawl, but can't quite get everything to sync up yet.

There's tons more and it's very exciting for us, but for most people, it's probably just going to sound like the usual baby stuff.

We've also been having quite a bit of difficulty with bottle feeding, but that's a post for a different day, suffice to say that we may have started seeing some light at the end of that tunnel.

I know this wasn't a very substantial update, but hopefully I will find more time soon!


  1. Who's going to tell Darren that Claire just overtook him at self-feeding?

    My awe is continuing. x


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